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Types of Drivers' Licenses in New York State
by Gary Muldoon
Muldoon, Getz & Reston
Rochester, New York

New York State has a number of different types of licenses or privileges that a driver may obtain. The following is a listing.


New York State licenses

Type of license

Authority (VTL)


hardship privilege


Discretionary privilege allowed by court upon suspension pending prosecution of per se DWI charge.

preconviction conditional license


Eligible 30 days after suspension pending prosecution based on BAC, but only if eligible for post-conviction conditional license. May continue on hardship privilege until disposition of charge.

conditional license



15 NYCRR 134.7



Limited driving for employment, education, medical and additional three hours per week.

Requires enrollment in drinking driver program.

Revoked for conviction of any moving violation.

Not available for limited DJ or limited MJ license. 15 NYCRR 135.7(a)(11).

post-conviction conditional license


Must comply with ignition interlock device requirements. VTL 1198.

restricted use license

318(15), 530

15 NYCRR 135.5,



Not available for refusal or drinking-driving conviction

Available if license suspended for failure to pay child support. 15 NYCRR 135.7( c ).

Limits driving to employment, education, medical. Issuance to commercial driver prohibited. 15 NYCRR 136.9.

commercial driver’s license endorsement


Certificate of relief from disabilities does not allow commercial endorsement with  a drinking-driving suspension or revocation, 1193(2)(b)(5),  1196(7)(g).

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